Controversy over Forza Italia-DC united list, Cuffaro responds to Gasparri: “We’re not just a Sicilian party, but national”

The Secretary of the National Christian Democracy Party, Totò Cuffaro, reminds Senator Gasparri that the DC is a national party, not just a Sicilian one. He expresses gratitude to President Schifani for inviting them to work together for the European elections, but also notes some unease from the Sicilian Forza Italia leadership. Cuffaro emphasizes the importance of unity in the coalition and feeling at home in the European People’s Party. Gasparri, on the other hand, reaffirms Forza Italia’s alliance with Berlusconi and expresses reluctance to make changes.

Polemica sulla lista unica Forza Italia-Dc, Cuffaro risponde a Gasparri: «Non siamo un partito siciliano, ma nazionale»

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