Controversy between the Palermo lawyers. Rules of procedure challenged

PALERMO – Still controversy with the Palermo lawyers order. This time, the internal regulation of the Council approved by a majority last July 25, which is now challenged before the Administrative Court of Sicily by the lawyers Vincenzo and Sergio Sparti, ends up being targeted. "We have had to challenge the provision to protect our inviolable rights and the rights of all Palermo lawyers – says Vincenzo Sparti councilor of the order – The regulation provides, in contrast to the laws, that the activity of the council is covered by secrecy by imposing a absolute duty of secrecy in the head of every councilor on facts and circumstances in any way learned in the ambit of the mandate, foreseeing disciplinary sanctions in the case of non-compliance – adds Sparti – limiting the constitutional and inviolable right of every councilor to freely express the thought and prejudicing , likewise, the right of the community of lawyers and users …

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