Controls, Questore has 12 Daspo in the Agrigento area

The police commissioner of Agrigento, Rosa Maria Iraci, in order to prevent episodes of violence and the commission of crimes on the occasion of football and sports events in general, ordered the infliction of Daspo (prohibition of participation in sporting events) to twelve subjects arrested in recent days, with interdictions from 1 to 3 years, forbidding them to enter and stop near sports facilities during matches and transit in the streets affected by the passage of the teams and supporters. These measures arose from police checks that took place in recent days in the province of Agrigento, when young people were surprised and reported (9 for drug offenses) and three for the commission of a crime relating to weapons; in particular, a fifty-year-old Canicattinese, null and void, prejudiced for crimes against property and the person, as well as drug dealing, during a police check was found in possession of a knife and reported for unjustified carrying of weapons. Three DACur measures were also issued, namely the ban on attending certain public establishments where the sanctioned were responsible for violent conduct