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Controls in the city, heavy sanctions in the pubs in the Politeama area

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PALERMO – As part of the controls on the city nightlife, the Municipal police has carried out, over the last weekend, some checks in the locals around Politeama.
Upon completion of the checks, out of five pubs control yourself, only one was found to be in good standing in the matter of authorizations, concessions and anti-Covid legislation.

Three premises were sanctioned for illegal occupation of large portions of public land, lack of the necessary concession for the occupation of public land, absence of external Sanitary Wake and sound level report of the musical equipment in use, for an amount of almost 1,600 euros each.
In one of these pubs, moreover, at the time of the inspection, a unauthorized musical event, managed by a DJ entertainer, with sound emissions and amplified musical diffusion with open doors, beyond the allowed hours.
Furthermore, with a platform where numerous furnishings and equipment serving the activity were positioned, it occupied fifty percent of the roadway.

It was also found that there was no prior authorization from the ASP supervisory body and the lack of SCIA Fire Prevention.
The event was immediately stopped and, due to the lack of authorization for musical entertainment, a further one was raised verbal Of five thousand euros in addition to the precautionary administrative seizure, with the affixing of seals, of five equipment musical audio speakers, consoles and mixers.
Subsequently, with a specific ordinance of the Suap, the accessory sanction of the forced closure of the activity for five days will be applied.

Finally, a pub, although it had the obligation, failed to keep within the public exercise, the activity SCIA and the Healthcare SCIA, and did not have the prescribed phonometric report.
In this case the high reports amount to over 350 EUR.

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