Contribution – Reflection. If Caltanissetta gives a hand to the restart of Gela, the whole Libero Consorzio will benefit from it

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We receive and publish contributions from Dr.
Francesco Agati on the issue linked to the prospects for economic development in the province of Caltanissetta.

“Over fifteen years ago, when I fervently began to spread the importance of infrastructures, in a city that spent millions in festivals, in the run-up to the closure of the petrochemical plant, I was the first in Sicily to say in a local broadcast that Beijing, pass through Sicily a world airport hub, and which, if authorized, could build the bridge over the Messina Canal at its own expense.

In that period he succeeded in having the project of the Berlin-Palermo corridor published in the book “Maggiore Publisher”, inserting Gela in the European program of the trans-European transport networks.
Today Sicily and Gela in particular thanks to its position in the center of the Mediterranean, with its vast plain, the second of Sicily can aspire and be part of the intercontinental project called “The New Silk Road” (Belt and Road Initiative – BRI) aimed at to build infrastructures in the new trade routes that interconnect China through Asia – for Earth and for Seas – with the heart of Europe.

China’s foreign currency reserves are estimated at approximately $ 3 trillion equivalent; the BRI project would make it possible to invest a large part of it in the construction of infrastructures in the 65 countries crossed.
Punto Fermo: in the original design of Beijing, Sicily was the Mediterranean hub, tourist and infrastructural, of the Silk Road, towards Rotterdam and Hamburg, but also towards the Mediterranean and Africa.

The Gelese economy can grow, develop and evolve only with large projects.
My humble advice can only be, the next administrators work and fight to create infrastructures, internationalize the city, the SEZs are an opportunity that we are not taking advantage of.

Once an entrepreneur told me: “You have such huge ambitions for a culturally underdeveloped city like Gela that your big projects will be your curse”.
I firmly believe that our knowledge must be made available to society, history will judge our development projects.
If the Nisseni friends will lend a hand to the restart of Gela with its sea, with its golden beach and with the SEZs, the whole Libero Consorzio di Caltanissetta will benefit from it ”.

Sicilian news 2022-06-24 07:59:00

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