Continuous arrivals in Lampedusa: 340 migrants on six boats in one night.

Between midnight today (Sunday, October 29) and now, a total of 340 migrants have arrived in Lampedusa. Six boats, all coming from Libya, were intercepted or rescued by the Coast Guard and the Port Authority. The migrants onboard were mainly from Egypt, Bangladesh, Syria, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Morocco, and Pakistan. One boat carrying 48 people, including a woman, was supported by the NGO ship Nadir to prevent it from capsizing, while another boat was assisted by the NGO Sea Watch’s vessel Aurora Sar. Yesterday, there were 12 other landings on the Pelagie Islands, with a total of 593 migrants. The most recent landing before midnight occurred in Cala Croce, where the Carabinieri stopped 56 Eritreans and Egyptians, including five women, who were trying to reach the road. The boat used for the crossing has not been found. Out of the 12 boats that arrived on Saturday, only two, according to the 33 migrants who disembarked, departed from Sfax, Tunisia.

A Lampedusa sbarchi senza sosta: in una notte arrivati 340 migranti su sei barconi

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