Contagion in schools, Messina data: less than 300 positive out of almost 80 thousand students

The Regional School Office continues to collect data on pupils’ infections from Covid-19, in order to monitor the progress of the epidemiological situation in Sicilian schools. The anti-SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Sicily for school staff also continues. Currently, 72,5051 units of school staff have been vaccinated, broken down by age group.

The Office has drawn up a summary of the data on infections, updated as of April 19, on the basis of the responses sent by 96% of the schools to the monitoring. The average ratio of positive pupils / classes with positive pupils was calculated; this report analyzes the distribution of positive cases of students from Covid-19 among the classes. In particular, the closer the ratio is to 1, the more it highlights a situation with the absence of outbreaks (or clusters) or in which, in any case, the latter are very limited in number.

The range of this ratio can fall between the minimum value of 1 and the theoretical maximum value corresponding to the average number of pupils per class in a Sicilian school (specifically 19 pupils). From the comparison with the first week of the survey, the incidence went from 0.33% on 1 March to the current 0.55% for teaching staff and from 0.31% on 1 March to the current 0.60 % for ATA staff. As regards kindergarten and first cycle schools, the comparison with the last week of the survey shows a slight increase in the incidence of positive pupils, from 0.45% on 12 April to the current 0.47%.

Considering the entire observation period, from November 19, 2020 to today, the incidence of COVID-19 positive pupils is substantially unchanged. In absolute value, compared to 19 November 2020, there is an increase equal to 40 more positive pupils for childhood (+ 20%) and 217 for primary school (+ 24%) while instead we record a decrease of 187 pupils for the first degree (-20%). Also for second cycle schools there is an increase in the incidence of positive pupils, currently equal to 0.43%, both compared to the last week of the survey, 12 April 2021, and compared to the first week of the survey, 8 February 2021. , which showed an incidence of 0.27%. The data are comparable in that for the weeks in which the survey was carried out, the response of schools was in a range of 93% – 98% of the total schools in the region. We thank the school administrators and all the school staff for their cooperation.

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