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“Conoscere la Borsa”, students from all over Europe awarded in Palermo | the Echo of the South

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PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – The Sicily Foundation hosted the final event of the project “Conoscere la Borsa”, promoted in Italy by Acri (Association of Foundations and Savings Banks) and supported by 12 of its associates which this year involved more of 3 thousand upper secondary school students.

“It is an honor for the Foundation to host this ceremony – said the president of the Sicily Foundation, Raffaele Bonsignore -.
For several years the Foundation has supported ‘Conoscere la Borsà, has been supporting it since 2010, for 12 years.
For this reason we wanted this award ceremony to have been here.
It is a project in line with the aims of the Foundation, because among our aims there is education, in this case education on the Stock Exchange, a financial education that is aimed at students, towards whom the foundation pays attention maximum “.
“This project has significant numbers – added Bonsignore -.
In 2021, over 97,000 students from all countries participated, this is important data.
Sicily is at the center of the Mediterranean and a crossroads of encounters between different cultures, it seemed to me the ideal place.
It is a project that is linked to the foundation of the Foundation, a foundation of banking origin.
At this time it is important to know the stock market and finance.
It is an important experience that can be understood in moments of difficulty such as the one we have been living for two years and now with the war ”.

An initiative aimed at making the stock market a game in which skills, strategies and above all teamwork prevail.
The best way to learn and apply abstruse concepts only if not deepened, to learn to orient yourself in a world that, especially today, it is essential to understand.

“We have been supporting this initiative for some time, with great conviction – underlined Giorgio Righetti, general manager of Acri -.
The issue of economic-financial education is strongly felt for foundations of banking origin.
The foundations allocate over € 150 million per year to training to support training for schools and universities ”.
The award ceremony took place at Palazzo Branciforte and all the awarded projects of secondary schools in Italy, Germany, France and Sweden participated.

“It is the first time that I am on this beautiful island – said Peter Simon, former MEP, economist and general manager of WSBI-ESBG -.
This initiative is a fine example of ‘education’.
We don’t always have to talk about it in serious contexts but also in a more fun way.
Financial education is crucial ”.
After the institutional greeting of the vice president of the Sicilian Region, Gaetano Armao, the meeting was closed by the report by Gianluca Garbi of the Italian Stock Exchange.