Confiscated mafia properties, the state reaffirms legality in “San Cocimo”

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 17:20

Share From heritage in the hands of mafia gangs, to homes for disadvantaged families and to host a social promotion center run by volunteers. In the historic piazza Santi Cosma e Damiano, on the edge of via Plebiscito, in San Cocimo, the heart of the “Quadrilatero” anti-drug blitz of the Carabinieri last September 20, the mayor Salvo Pogliese, in the presence of the prefect Maria Librizzi, the Quaestor Vito Calvino and the president of the juvenile court Roberto Di Bella, has formalized the taking over in the availability of the Municipality of five properties by the National Agency of assets confiscated from the mafia, to be allocated for purposes of collective utility. “Today is an important day for our city – said the mayor Salvo Pogliese – because the institutions together reaffirm the presence of the state in our city territory. In this neighborhood, children at an early age were forced to feed the illicit proceeds of the mafia gangs, a massacre that thanks to the action of the Carabinieri judiciary was able to foil. We will entrust four houses to the municipal social services to accommodate as many families with housing problems and another property with a public procedure ready within thirty days to an association that will promote social purposes for the neighborhood and the city. We give a strong signal to those who violated every basic rule of civil coexistence, even using children as laborers in drug dealing. I want to particularly thank the councilor for confiscated assets Michele Cristaldi – added the mayor – because also for his commitment in just over a year, thanks to the extraordinary work of the Municipal Administration we have already assigned several properties for social purposes, including four plots of land for a total of thirty hectares and we still continue on this road “. Prefect Maria Carmela Librizzi expressed satisfaction with the action to restore legality: “It is important to be here today – said the representative of the government in the province of Catania – because the institutions all give a strong signal of restoring legality in a area particularly affected by the presence of the mafia and assets of illicit origin will be used for collective purposes. The exploitation of minors is unacceptable and the presence of the state reaffirms the control of the territory against the underworld “. In detail, a real estate unit in Piazza Machiavelli with three rooms, on the second floor of a building, will be destined for a voluntary association to be used for social purposes. Three other properties with large studios and kitchenette, at house numbers 5-6-7 of the same square will be immediately made available for families in emergency housing conditions. Finally, another building with three rooms, on the first floor of a building in the adjacent via Ragusa and via Ospedale Vecchio which is accessed through a courtyard, in which the Municipality has removed an unauthorized gate in recent months, will also be used as an emergency residential shelter. The mayor Pogliese publicly signed the handover of the assets by the representative of the National Agency for Confiscated Assets Vincenzo Trapani and applied on the doors the inscription that it is an asset confiscated from the mafia, six years after the final sentence of subtraction of assets from the gangsters operating in the area. Responding to the journalists’ questions, the municipal councilor delegated to confiscated assets Michele Cristaldi said: “It is essential – said Cristald – to have given a strong signal against the mafia to give a positive message of hope to the young people of our city who cannot be outraged without the state making its presence felt ”. The Provincial Commander of the Carabinieri Rino Coppola, a representative of the Guardia di Finanza, the head teacher of the Spedalieri high school Vincenza Biagia Ciraldo participated in the handover of the real estate premises to the municipal heritage, who with the boys of the institute promoted initiatives of legality in that area, in addition to the councilors Arcidiacono, Cantarella, Parisi Porto and Lombardo; the latter will take care, through the officials of the Social Services Department, for the allocation of apartments to families in housing emergency conditions.

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