Confirmation of 21-year sentence requested for police officer who killed son in Raffadali

The trial of Gaetano Rampello, a 59-year-old police officer charged with the murder of his 24-year-old son Vincenzo, has begun in the Court of Appeals in Palermo. Rampello has admitted to the crime, in which he shot his son 14 times with a pistol on February 1, 2022 in Raffadali. The judges in the trial in Agrigento previously sentenced him to 21 years in prison, although the prosecutor had requested 24 years. Rampello was later released on house arrest with an electronic bracelet. The motive behind the crime was years of violence and abuse from the son towards his father, exacerbated by the son’s mental health issues. Rampello will also have to compensate his ex-wife, ex-brother-in-law, and ex-mother-in-law, who have been represented as civil plaintiffs by lawyers Alberto Agiato and Pietro Maragliano. The closing arguments from both the civil plaintiffs and the defendant’s lawyer, Daniela Posante, are scheduled for November 16.

Uccise il figlio a Raffadali, chiesta la conferma della condanna a 21 anni per il poliziotto

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