Confindustria Sicilia: Ars approves law to remove 3 km restriction on industrial plants

Confindustria Sicilia congratulates the regional government for the “plant-saving norm,” which unlocks the waste collection system, saves the functionality and operation of waste processing plants, unblocks the prospects of waste-to-energy plants, and does not disrupt the industrial waste collection system in Sicily. Previously, the system required waste management facilities to be at least 3 kilometers away from residential areas, causing a total paralysis of the waste system and ecological disaster. The government has now intervened to eliminate this restriction, and it is hoped that the regional assembly will promptly approve the law to prevent further obstacles to waste management facilities.

Confindustria Sicilia: Ars approvi subito la norma salva-impianti che toglie il vincolo dei 3 chilometri dal centro abitato

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