Concerts, “Palermo out of any big event”, the shame of the Palasport

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“In recent years, nothing has been done to allow the city of Palermo to attract the Major international events.
I refer to the concerts with the greats of Italian and international music, to outdoor shows, fairs, exhibitions and cultural events.
Do you know why? Because Palermo doesn’t have a place to host entertainment and culture events.
Missing a Sports Hallan arena or a structure capable of hosting – in complete safety – fairs and events that can accommodate thousands of people “.
This was declared by the group leader of the League in the City Council, Igor Gelarda.

Catania and Acireale forward, Palermo back

“TO Catania Villa Bellini opens to the public and in a few days you can get all the clearances, in Messina the San Filippo Neri is the stadium where the great concerts of Italian music arrive.
To Acireale the PalaTupparello, the largest indoor sports facility in Sicily, has started the concert season ea Palermo? The Palasport has been closed for 14 years, yet it could accommodate 6 thousand people indoors.
The Diamond falls apart and lives in a state of total abandonment.
The only structure available is the wonderful Verdura theater which, however, has only 700 seats.
The other is the lawn of the Italic forum but not only is it outdoors, but a great event puts stress on the lawn “.

Big events could attract tourism

“How do you think about attracting tourism What if we don’t have a structure dedicated to major events? Has anyone at Palazzo delle Aquile ever realized the potential it can have for a city like Palermo in organizing a big concert, a fair or an exhibition event? Palermo, capital of culture, had to leave as a dowry the reorganization of a structure suitable for the city to be given in concession to private individuals for the organization of events.
Shows that attract people from all over the island, and from the rest of Italy “.

“The next mayor starts from this”

“The major events – concludes Gelarda – move the induced starting from the number of nights booked in the accommodation facilities of the city.
There is no vision other than that of going beyond one’s nose.
The next municipal administration must start from this: to make Palermo a little more European, and put it on the square for major events “.

The paradox of the Palasport

Devastated by the wind in 2008 and since then it has remained off-limits to all, except for vandal raids.
A damage of 200 thousand euros, which thanks to the administrative inertia of the then Giunta Cammarata, has turned into an all-Palermo shame.
A deafening silence from the rooms of power.

The roof has been repaired, but damage inside the structure is estimated to be around 10 million euros.
Today, due to 14 years of neglect by the Municipality, the Palasport has become a monument to waste and neglect.

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