Concert for the Music Festival at the Teatro Massimo

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The concert of the youth groups of the Teatro Massimo to celebrate the Music Festival.
On Tuesday 21 June at 8.30 pm in the Sala Grande the Massimo Youth Orchestra, the Massimo Kids Orchestra, the Children’s Choir, the Rainbow Choir and the Cantoria of the Teatro Massimo Foundation will perform, conducted by the passionate baton of Maestro Michele De Luca while conducting the choirs is maestro Salvatore Punturo.
Assistant to the Choir Master Giuseppe Ricotta, arranger and musical assistant Vincenzo Alioto.

The concert has a composite program that includes music from the classical and contemporary repertoire: from Mozart to John Lennon, from Fantasia on themes from Disney films to “Life is beautiful” by Nicola Piovani, to the small suite for string orchestra “In a modal way ”by Maestro Alberto Maniaci.
The musical program is counterpointed by the theatrical interventions of the
Company “Volti dal Kaos” conceived, written and directed by Claudio Antonio Di Domenico and directed by Gianpaolo Bellanca and Myriam Leone.
Five theatrical performances that you interact with
the performance of the pieces, inspired by popular music themes, music in cinema, music of social denunciation, the history of music and entertainment workers.
Soloists Bianca Politi (harp), Alessandro Laura (saxophone), Cristina Oliveri (flute), Francesca Mangiapane (vocals), with the young actors: Sara Maria Di Domenico, Piergiorgio Vito Geraci, Vincenzo Caruso, Carlo Manzone, Andrea Montalbano, Emanuela Salvo , Maria Rita Virga.

The Music Festival is celebrated around the world on 21 June.
The slogan that inspired its creation is “Music everywhere, concerts nowhere”.
In the squares, in the schools, in the museums, in the streets, music is the ambassador of a strong message of universal accessibility, addressed to every people and culture.

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