Comune Monreale approves staff plan: here are all the expected hirings

The Municipal Council of Monreale has approved the Integrated Plan of Activities and Organization (Piao), a new planning tool that includes the three-year Personnel Needs Plan. The plan aims to strengthen the municipal offices and bring changes to the municipality. It includes modifying contracts to increase the weekly working hours for part-time employees, as well as the requalification of current staff through vertical progressions. The plan also includes hiring two new managers and nine administrative officials, as well as stabilizing the cultural services and municipal police force with the addition of new staff. The plan also focuses on bolstering socio-educational services by hiring social workers, psychologists, educators, and administrative personnel. The plan also emphasizes the importance of hiring qualified individuals from protected categories and offering part-time contracts to stabilize the existing ASU personnel.

Comune Monreale, sì al piano per il personale: ecco tutte le assunzioni previste

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