Computer arsenal to sell counterfeit documents and sims a Syracusan has been reported

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A report referred to suspicious people inside a basement in via Pomigliano in Sant’Anastasia, in the Neapolitan area, but what the police stationed at the station have found is perhaps more than they expected.
In the blitz – which was also attended by the carabinieri of the Castello di Cisterna investigative unit – the military surprised a 21-year-old from Syracuse already known to the police, 3 censors of 27, 20 and 17 years living between Portici and Ercolano and found a real computer arsenal.

Found 420 smartphones, 2,009 sim cards from different telephone companies, 13 personal computers – some of which are turned on and connected to the internet – 54 credit and debit cards, the cash sum of 2,280 euros, 7 counterfeit driving licenses, 6 tax codes results also counterfeit, 127 contracts for the activation of the public SPID digital identification system and documentation relating to the identity of unwitting persons residing throughout the national territory.
It emerged that the 4 boys proposed on a “Telegram” channel the sale, complete with a price list, of counterfeit identity documents and telephone sims in the name of others.
The entire area used as a computer center was seized.
The 4 have been denounced and will answer for criminal association aimed at producing and selling false documents.


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