Compulsory anti-Covid vaccine? When could the extreme ratio take effect

Editorial Staff 05 September 2021 19:18

The obligation to vaccinate is not an issue on the agenda, but the government already seems to have clear ideas. The executive would in fact have set a precise target to be reached by the end of the year to avoid resorting to the obligation: that of 90% of immunized over 12s. The reasoning of the Ministry of Health, according to what transpires from the indiscretions collected by the Sole 24 ore, would be as follows. With such a massive membership rate, the health system will likely be able to withstand the impact of the epidemic even in the winter months. If, on the other hand, the objective is not achieved, the vaccine obligation for everyone would be triggered, however seen as a sort of last resort. Vaccines, the focus is on the green pass. And Speranza fears new closures To convince the undecided at least for now, the government will focus everything on the green pass, the use of which will be extended to other categories of workers. The hypothesis is to make the certificate mandatory for public employees, catering workers and public transport workers. To date, the percentage of over 12s who have completed the vaccination cycle is 71.49%. Commissioner Figliuolo’s goal is to reach 80% by 30 September. So there is still a long way to go. Minister Speranza went straight to the point today without making too much rhetoric. “The virus still exists, it is strong and circulating. Either we strengthen the vaccination campaign again, or we are forced to imagine that at some point we will have to use the measures of the past”. In short, “either we forcefully pull it on the side of vaccines or we will have to imagine new closures”. To avoid new restrictions, one of the roads that the executive is considering is precisely that of obligation, a possibility already evoked a couple of days ago by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and that Speranza himself defined yesterday “a possibility” on the table . (fonte

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