Competition for Medical Manager in Urology at Messina Poly Clinic: Call for Applications

The Gaetano Martino University Hospital of Messina has announced a competition, based on qualifications and exams, to fill a full-time and permanent position for a medical director in the discipline of Urology. The deadline to apply is April 4th.

Requirements include Italian citizenship (or from a EU country), physical fitness for the job, a degree in medicine and surgery, specialization in the specific discipline or an equivalent discipline, registration with the medical board, and not being excluded from public service for fraudulent documents.

The selection process will include a written exam, a practical exam, and an oral exam. Candidates must submit their application electronically by April 4th through the hospital’s website.

Overall, the article outlines the requirements, selection process, and application instructions for the medical director position in Urology at the Gaetano Martino University Hospital in Messina.

Policlinico di Messina, concorso per dirigente medico in urologia: il bando

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