Commission unlocks direct election reform for regional presidents

The unexpected twist occurred on an ordinary day at the Sicilian Regional Assembly, where only the approval of the updated Defr document and consolidated budget was on the agenda. However, the Budget Committee changed its plans and approved the reform that will reintroduce the direct election of the Presidents of the Provinces, a law strongly desired by the Regional President Renato Schifani. This approval allows for a final vote in the chamber, and, if there are no further obstacles, elections could be held by June. The Budget Committee also approved an amendment allocating an additional 5 million for the reform, in addition to the 5 million already in the base text. This move resolves the impasse, and the discussion now turns to the election date, with some parties favoring an “election day” format.

Province, l’Ars accelera: sbloccata in commissione la riforma per l’elezione diretta dei presidenti

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