Comiso’s Maria turns 109: Born 15 days after WWI outbreak

On July 28, 1914, with the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s declaration of war against the Kingdom of Serbia, the first world war officially broke out. 15 days later, on August 12, 1914, near Biella, Mrs. Maria was born, who is still alive and living in Comiso, in the province of Ragusa. Just two days ago, the woman blew out 109 candles in one of the nursing home’s rooms where she has been living for years. The woman, who never chose to get married, is one of the oldest people in Europe and, despite her age, still demonstrates presence of mind and clarity. Two years ago, the local news covered her story because she was among the oldest individuals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Maria never became a mother but has grandchildren and great-grandchildren up to the fourth generation. After working in a factory for many years in Northern Italy and witnessing the second world war, the birth of the Italian Republic, and many important events of the 20th century, she chose Sicily and Comiso as her adopted lands and never left.

A Comiso i 109 anni della signora Maria: è nata 15 giorni dopo lo scoppio della prima guerra

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