Comiso, Salvo Piparo opens on Saturday 7 the prose season of the Naselli Theater


The Sicilian performances of the show "Le vastasate" open the new season of the Teatro Naselli in Comiso. Exceptional storyteller Salvo Piparo, on stage with the multi-instrumentalist Francesco Cusumano that this Saturday 7 December, at 9.00 pm, will accompany the public to the discovery of a Sicily in black and white: between grimaces, giullareschi curtains, double meanings, humor and feeling, will tell with great pathos the incredible historical heritage preserved in every corner of the island. They will do it with irony and emotion for a funny and heartfelt tribute to the poets of everyday life and to their incredible wisdom that through street stories, precisely the cunti, knew how to reveal the great truths with raw simplicity. A school of life through the art of the word between street poetry and traditions: Le vastasate will entertain and delight the public of Como, giving a lesson on the beauty of a fully alive land. Entrance tickets can be purchased …

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