come back, but the money is gone

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 08:11

Share Withdraw 80 euros at an ATM in San Leone and, perhaps due to a sudden distraction, leave the cash dispensed exactly where the machine was. He leaves, but shortly after – aware that he hasn’t pocketed the money – he retraces his steps. There was no trace of the money, however. Someone, perhaps before carrying out another banking operation or simply passing by the ATM, had taken them away. Incredulous, but also angry with himself, the thirty-one year old from Agrigento had nothing left to do but go to the Complaints Office of the Police Headquarters (located in the “Anghelone” barracks in via Crispi) and tell what had happened to him. The young man has formalized a complaint against unknown persons for embezzlement. It seems paradoxical, but what happened in San Leone shows – concretely – how serious it can be, in certain circumstances, to get distracted. The policemen of the Flying section of the Police Headquarters, as the very first investigative step, checked whether the video surveillance systems were in operation at the credit institution where the 31-year-old had made the ATM. The acquisition of any video footage could direct the investigations and allow the identification of those who appropriated a sum of money – 80 euros in fact – that he knew perfectly well was not his. The policemen, yesterday, in this regard, did not let even the smallest of indiscretions leak out. Probably, however, everything, namely the identification of who took the money, will depend precisely on the presence of the video surveillance images. It is certain, however, that, at least the thirty-one year old, will never allow himself to be “betrayed” by a sudden distraction.

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