Columns of smoke and loud music, blitz of the Carabinieri at Easter Monday parties: 20 complaints in Catania

Red Zone

The Easter Monday of a large group of professionals from Catania who had organized a picnic in the villa ended with the intervention of the carabinieri

They gathered in a villa in San Gregorio, in the Catania area, and then they let themselves go with lots of loud music. The Easter Monday of a large group of professionals: doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers ended with the intervention of the carabinieri.

The Carabinieri had to threaten a break-in because they did not want to open the door: the military said they would call the firefighters to unhinge it and at this point they opened it. Sixteen people inside. Eleven of them were fined, the most ‘smart’, those who had hidden in the basement of the villa and those who had climbed over the fence and hid among the neighbor’s plants. Meager figure and hefty fine of 400 euros each.

Another 9 ended up in the book of fines of the Carabinieri, this time in the district of San Paolo, on the outskirts of Catania in the Gravina area. They were crammed into an apartment from whose balcony you could see the column of smoke from an improvised barbecue.