Collision between a car and a motorcycle in Modica leaves man seriously injured

A road accident occurred in the Nacalino district, on the road leading to Marina di Modica in Ragusa province. A man was seriously injured in a collision between a motorcycle and a car. The impact was severe, prompting the arrival of medical personnel from 118 emergency services and the Municipal Police Accident Department to reconstruct the sequence of events. The injured man was transported to the hospital. This is not the first accident in the same area. Just four days ago, a car overturned, resulting in two injuries. A week ago, a fatal accident occurred in the Trebalate district, where a 72-year-old man collided with a Mercedes 200 Class C. The driver’s condition was immediately critical, despite resuscitation attempts by 118 responders. Unfortunately, the elderly man passed away before being loaded into an ambulance. The man’s wife, who was sitting in the front seat, and the Mercedes driver were hospitalized. Additionally, a 59-year-old cyclist was involved in a serious accident in Marina di Modica, being hit by a Ford Fiesta driven by a 77-year-old woman. Hospital transportation was also required in this case.

Scontro tra un’auto e una moto a Modica, grave un uomo

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