Collection: the Municipality loses to the Tar, award to be redone

It is the latest development, in chronological order, of a story that began on March 15, 2022 when the Municipality of Catania proposes the award of the 2 lots (one for 2 million and the other for 8.5) where the tender for the compulsory collection of taxes is divided. In both cases, to rank 1st in the ranking is the grouping made up of Municipia spa and Gamma Tributi srl. The 1st is an old acquaintance at the Palace of the elephants: she has been involved in pursuing tax evaders on behalf of the town hall in the last 10 years, with results photographed by the data. In the 2020on beyond 18 million euros of exams on outstanding taxes and unpaid finesThe Common cash out 4.3 million. In the 2019 the amount exceeds 40 million euros. Cashed out? 7 million and pennies. In the 2018 the ratio is of 65 million exams against i 6.8 million admissions. In 2017: 34.5 millions of exams, 7.6 million receipts. And then the 2016: 81.5 against 6.1 million.