Collapsing building in Palermo: four and a half hours to secure the road.

The intervention to secure the area of via Macello in the Romagnolo district of Palermo, after the collapse of an uninhabited building, lasted four and a half hours last night (March 24th). The firefighters this morning explained that the intervention started around 6 pm. The Palermo Fire Department teams intervened in the corso dei Mille side street following the collapse of portions of buildings. Specifically, they explained, these are buildings consisting of two elevations above ground in load-bearing masonry, in a state of abandonment and generalized structural instability. The walls of the facade overlooking via Macello collapsed. The debris reached the road. To ensure that no people were involved in the collapse, the debris was removed with the help of earth-moving equipment. Furthermore, the road was closed off with barriers and the use of the building adjacent to the unstable structure was prohibited. Municipal police officers and technicians from the City of Palermo also intervened on the scene. The intervention concluded at 11 pm.

Il crollo della palazzina a Palermo: quattro ore e mezzo di lavoro per mettere la strada al sicuro

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