Colabrodo networks in Syracuse, the mayor of Italy intervenes on Sky Tg24 the Government does not allow us to access the PNRR

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The mayor of Syracuse, Francesco Italia, spoke this afternoon on Sky Tg24 during the “Timeline” broadcast conducted by the journalist Stefania Pinna on the issue of water resource dispersion.
Already yesterday the well-known television news spoke of how our water infrastructures were a “sieve”.
In fact, according to the latest Istat report, one is registered in Syracuse loss of water resources equal to 67.6%.
In summary, the water in the reservoirs in Sicily and Syracuse is there and is even 17% more than in the same period last year.

No water emergency for the region which has always and more than any other suffered from a lack of water.
This year, however, the abundant rains caused the reservoirs to fill up like never before.
Too bad that the Sicilian water network is a sieve and that more than 50% of the water introduced into the pipes is in fact lost.
According to the latest estimates of the Istat report on water infrastructures in Italy, in Syracuse, as mentioned, 67% of the water introduced into the network is lost.
Messina follows with 52% and then Catania with 51 to finish in Palermo with an estimated loss of 42%.
But often, as in the case of the Sicilian capital, there is no mention of all real losses.
A good 15%, in fact, is to be attributed to the theft of water and illegal connections to the water network.

And the topic was addressed again this afternoon with the mayor of Syracuse live, together with Gianfranco Becciu, professor of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the Milan Polytechnic.
Becciu himself started the discussion by stating that in the whole country there is actually no real water emergency, in the sense that Italy is a nation “rich” in water resources, but that the real problem is that infrastructure and poor maintenance.
“We arrived late – said the teacher – to understand that the aqueducts must be managed and maintained, always underestimating the problem because in Italy there has never been a real water emergency”.

Subsequently the mayor of Syracuse took the floor, who recalled how the city will be able to benefit from a 5 million euro loan for the reconstruction of a small part of our water pipeline (repeatedly declared “obsolete” by Italy), but that much larger investments would be required to reduce water losses.
The solution to the problem or part of the problem could come from the NRP, but as the mayor pointed out, the calls prepared by the Ministry do not provide – as happens with the management of the waste cycle – the possibility of municipalities to participate “in own”.
Everything is in fact linked to the existence of the Ati.
And in Syracuse still 3 municipalities have to approve the statute, which until now has prevented participation in any type of call for proposals in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

“The Municipality – explained Italy – therefore has the possibility of holding short-term competitions while waiting for the Ati to mature.
There is talk of tenders ranging from 1 to 3 years at the most and which consequently cannot provide for large investments for very old pipelines and which would require larger investments to reduce water losses.
In the waste sector, the Government has allowed municipalities in single or associated form to present projects to receive resources from the NRP, opting for a different strategy in the water sector.
In recent weeks, together with other presidents of the ATI, we have written a letter to the government asking for a non unequal treatment and we are still waiting for an answer.
I therefore appeal to assess the situation of areas that will not be able to contain water losses and modernize the system because a different line has been held between the waste system and the water system.

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