“Coccadoro”, the social laboratory of Palermo takes an active part against violence against women

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by Viola Giannoli

Violence against women: 128 cases of red code in Palermo in two months

by Giada Lo Porto

“Le Angeliche”, the all-female bistro born in Capo di Palermo

by Claudia Brunetto

The idea of ​​setting up the company matured last summer, e-commerce arrived in February. “In our small way – say the Coccadoro women – we try to change things. We believe that another life is possible while respecting the climate and the environment. We work in harmony and we can produce beautiful things in a good way by recovering fabrics”. To do this they also collaborate with the association “ISud-Information for sustainable development” which “helps them understand what are the fundamental points for which a product can be defined as sustainable”.

“We are convinced – say the entrepreneurs – that the real engine to overcome this difficult period is having a project to believe in. This is our strength. A project in our case that looks to others, to the world we live in, so that it can be better, at least a little. ”