Closure of former slaughterhouse kennel in Palermo: a refuge will be established in Bellolampo.

The municipal dog pound in Palermo must be closed and relocated to another area. An order for closure and evacuation of the former slaughterhouse has been prepared by the city councilor for Social Assistance and Health Services, the Municipal Dog Pound, and Animal Rights, Rosi Pennino. The new dog pound, costing approximately 1 million euros, will be built in the Bellolampo area. The exact location has been identified and the next steps can be taken. The old slaughterhouse will be emptied while the necessary procedures for the new dog pound are carried out. The city is in dialogue with animal welfare associations to assist with adoptions and transfers to refuge shelters. Currently, the former slaughterhouse dog pound is only functioning as a satellite to the larger facility in Via Tiro a Segno, which has been expanded and renovated. It currently houses 180 dogs and is understaffed with only three volunteers. Cleaning services are provided by Reset. The old structures are dilapidated, making it more cost-effective to build a new dog pound elsewhere. There is also a difficult coexistence with local residents who complain about the constant barking of the dogs while the dogs themselves are disturbed by the noises of the city. The mayor has been informed of the proposed solution and the next step is the signing of the closure order and the gradual evacuation of the premises. The subsequent steps, including the urban planning and funding allocation, will then be carried out. The city council has also drafted a protocol with animal welfare associations, and training courses will be provided to enhance the skills of animal rights activists. Individuals or organizations who wish to volunteer at the future dog pound will need to register before the protocol can be signed.

Palermo, chiude i battenti il canile all’ex mattatoio: nascerà un rifugio a Bellolampo

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