Closure of Atelier sul Mare, the mayor of Tusa meets architects: “Immediate solution needed”

The mayor of Tusa, Angelo Tudisca, has called a meeting with technicians and architects from the municipality to try to save the Atelier sul Mare hotel in Castel di Tusa. The hotel has been closed since early June after an inspection by the carabinieri. The meeting, scheduled for August 17th, aims to find a solution to reopen the hotel. The municipality is willing to work and find ways to allow the Atelier and other activities in the area to continue operating. The closure of the hotel was prompted by irregularities found in a inspection report. The owner, Antonio Presti, known for his cultural initiatives in Sicily, had initially been given a 90-day suspension, which could have been lifted had he provided the necessary documents. However, the documents submitted by the hotel were deemed insufficient, leading to a second request for additional information from the municipality. The hotel ultimately decided to close. The mayor expressed his appreciation for Presti’s contributions to the community but emphasized the need to address the reported irregularities. The upcoming meeting is intended to find a viable solution while respecting the law. The mayor also spoke with architect Iano Monaco, who had offered his help, to find a way forward.

La chiusura dell’Atelier sul Mare, il sindaco di Tusa incontra gli architetti: «Subito una soluzione»

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