closed investigations for 3 murders and 3 attempted murders


The Favara-Liege feud finds the first answers: investigations closed for 3 murders and 3 attempted murders

The “Carnazza” clan hit the heart; dynamic and alleged perpetrator of the Ferraro murder revealed

No evidence for the murder of Rino Sorce in Sclessin (Liège), investigations continue

The attempted Nicotra-Distefano murder carried out in Favara also remains outside the judicial measures

Operation “Xydi”: fifteen suspects remain in prison

The investigating judge explains why fifteen suspects remain in prison

La Dia analyzes the Mafia and Stidda: brilliant results thanks also to the contribution of the Agrigento Section


Garbage in the hospital: the prosecutor intervenes


Summit in the Prefecture: reinforcement of controls ordered during the weekend in San Leone

The details of the vaccination campaign in the province of Agrigento


Lublin or Besançon for us equal are – Diego Romeo in conversation with Paolo Cilona

After this interview I oblige myself to silence“Interview by Diego Romeo with Giuseppe Di Rosa of” Hands free “


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