Close the useless faculties, they only churn out the unemployed the provocation of the teacher

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‘University of Palermo and the Revenue Agency renew and consolidate the multi-year collaboration in the field of specialist training of staff and students in a context of widespread promotion of the culture of tax law.

Define opportunities for the development of the knowledge and technical skills of the staff of the two Bodies and facilitate the professional choices of Unipa students through the application of what has been theoretically learned in operational and work contexts.
Create a stable link between the academic world and the operational reality of the Agency, favoring the connection between scientific-applied research and public needs and the exchange of experiences, also with a view to improving the quality of the services offered to the community.

These are the main objectives of the agreement signed by Massimo Midiri, Rector of the University of Palermo, and Margherita Maria Calabrò, Regional Director of Sicily of the Revenue Agency.
“With this agreement – commented the Rector of the University of Palermo, Massimo Midiri – we renew and strengthen an important and strategic collaboration with the Revenue Agency, started about fifteen years ago, and which has already led to the creation of significant synergies in a particularly delicate sector for the economy of our country.
This is in full harmony with the strengthening of the University’s Third Mission activities “.

The Rector’s Delegate for relations with the Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza, Angelo Cuva, highlighted the particular importance of the constant collaboration between the two Institutions in the fundamental training of young people in the culture of tax contribution which constitutes the indispensable basis for the life and development of each community.

A letter with a controversial outline, written by an expert who over the years has seen the dreams of thousands of young people.
The teacher Federica Ricci Garotti, Professor of German at the University of Trento, he has just turned 67 and will soon be on his way to retirement.
Precisely for this reason you wanted to write a letter to Repubblica, in particular to the blog run by Concita De Gregorio.

Here are some excerpts from the letter dedicated to the faculties in Italy:

“As a university professor close to retirement, I have many years of frustration behind me for the future of the young people I have formed and formed.
Seeing graduates and graduates and sent to slaughter is an abomination.
So much so that I come to a provocative and ultimate proposal.
P.why send thousands of young people to the slaughter without the prospect of a profession appropriate to their path and not definitively close the doors to knowledge of which Italy obviously does not know what to do with it?

How many graduates in Literature, Cultural Heritage, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and also Law and Economics are destined to work in the field for which they studied? How many, to do so, will have to emigrate? How many will the riders, the shop assistants, the assistants without a scholarship, the professional secretaries, how many will work at the post office or occupy a professorship in the school, without training or desire?

So let’s close them, these factories of illusions that are our faculties, which form competent people, but unemployed, under-employed or begging emigrants like our grandparents were in the 1950s.

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“Close the humanities faculties, they are so useless”

Enough with the sermons on the importance of transversal skills that form civilized and educated, cultured, lucid, even learned citizens.
Outside the university, the children of the rich have a future and the others only have the skills.
We declare, once and for all, the total defeat of the State as regards the young graduates with their set of masters, internships, apprenticeships of great prestige (because Italy can only offer that, internships and internships, word that employers do not even know how to pronounce) …

Virologists must not be the only ones to occupy the screens: schools and universities must return to being central to the public debate.
Working for what you have learned to do and know, in Italy, is a privilege.
This is the real emergency: look it in the face.
We have talked about everything else (in vain and often nonsense) enough “.

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