“Cleaning is needed, otherwise it is a health risk”

Editorial team 06 September 2021 12:02

Hygienic conditions in the city by now very serious, Codacons asks for the intervention of the ASP, the ARPA, the provincial police and the antisophistication and environmental protection units of the carabinieri. In a note signed by the provincial vice-president of the consumers’ association, Giuseppe Di Rosa, it is noted that “the situation in the city has been on the verge of livability for too long. Agrigento – continues the former municipal councilor – has been for too long an open-air landfill, weeding is no longer carried out and the separate collection system creates landfills daily in every area of ​​the city, landfills that, thanks also to the large number of abandoned animals, become a refreshment point for them “. For all this Codacons has decided to ask the responsible bodies “each for their own competence, to want to provide with absolute immediacy in order to prevent any infections and the proliferation of diseases transmitted from animals to humans, and to want to solicit the administration in charge, in ‘interest in public health since the mayor is also “responsible for the public health of the municipality he administers”.

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