Cleaning at the Navy bases, from Augusta to Catania 70 layoffs for end of contract


From today 70 workers of the cleaning and sanitation contract of the Navy of the Sicily region that affects the workers of the bases of Augusta, Catania, Messina, Palermo, Agrigento, have been dismissed for the end of the contract from Lamper, and are in control in front of the base Terravecchia di Augusta to defend the workplace.
The tender for the cleaning of the bases for Lot 4 of the Sicily Region was launched by the Navy, providing for a reduction in the budget, which resulted in the successful bidder BSF s.r.l. a proposal to reduce the working hours of workers by 40% without prejudice to the previous workload.
Only after an energetic intervention by the national secretariats of Filcams, Fisascat and Uiltucs, did the Ministry of Defense confirm the same financial commitment for the financial year 2020 as the previous tender, given that it seemed that it could solve the employment problem, but that in the fact has produced, even if the maintenance of the current working hours, an increase of the surfaces to be cleaned of over 35%.
Statement by Stefano Gugliotta of the Filcams CGIL Sicily regional secretariat: "It is unacceptable that workers in the Navy cleaning contract are subjected to blackmail" work harder to maintain their meager wages. " To an increase in financial resources of about 25% obtained only thanks to the mobilization of workers and Filcams CGIL, the Navy's solution to increase the volume of work by 35% is extremely unacceptable because it puts the system's inefficiencies on workers. Today the dismissed workers are in defense to defend their job and the cleaning and sanitation service is not covered, despite the repeated appeals to all the institutions forwarded by Filcams to avoid blocking services. "

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