cleaned of waste a stretch from the Coral Bay

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 11:03

A group of volunteers, with the participation of a special guest, clean up the Coral Bay from degradation. There was also Francesco Scianna, an actor from Palermo, among the people who yesterday afternoon, “armed” with gloves, brooms and shovels, cleaned up an area near the sea of ​​Sferracavallo, removing plastic, glass, paper and unsorted waste. “Thank you all, from my heart. The will can help us realize our dreams. I greet you with a phrase that I borrowed from Manzoni’s Promessi sposi. I always carry it in my backpack and I try to remember it every day: ‘You should think more about doing well than about feeling good: and in this way you would end up feeling better “. To tell the truth, the initiative was organized by the same actor who, on August 31, published a post on social media: “I’m no longer there. Let’s arm ourselves with gloves, hat, collection bags, Covid mask, mask and snorkel tube. Let’s clean up this corner of land and sea. ” With this message Scianna made an appointment with the participants at 9 am yesterday. A dozen young people who worked for a long time to restore a semblance of dignity to that area of ​​Sferracavallo showed up at the meeting. “I also wanted to thank Rap – Scianna commented at the end of the day – who came to collect the waste and the Sferracavallo sailing club which, in addition to helping us, also fed us and gave us water”.

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