Clashes after Folgore-Sciacca: Imposed mandatory police check for visiting fans during matches.

The arrests of two fans of the Sciacca soccer team have been upheld following an incident that occurred after a match against Folgore. The fans, Bruno Arrasi and Pasquale Nigrelli, have been ordered to report to the local police 10 minutes after the start and 10 minutes before the end of every game. The decision was made by a judge in Marsala, who accepted the prosecutor’s requests. The two ultras had attacked two Folgore fans, sending them to the hospital. Fortunately, the injured fans are not in danger of losing their lives. The teams did not attend the trial, but the Italian Amateur League did. The Folgore club’s president expressed his dismay on social media, stating that the attack was carried out by criminals and that the club strives to bring people to the stadium.

Gli scontri dopo Folgore-Sciacca: ai due tifosi ospiti imposto l’obbligo di presentazione alla polizia durante le partite

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