Clashes after Folgore-Sciacca: Guests fans mandated to report to police during matches.

The arrests of two Sciacca football fans have been validated following an altercation that took place after a match against Folgore on October 22nd. The judge has imposed a requirement for the two fans, Bruno Arrasi and Pasquale Nigrelli, to report to the police station 10 minutes before and after each match. The decision comes after the fans assaulted two Folgore supporters, who were hospitalized but not in critical condition. The amateur league attended the hearing, while the two teams did not appear. The president of Folgore expressed his disappointment and solidarity with the assaulted fans in a Facebook video.

Gli scontri dopo Folgore-Sciacca: ai due tifosi ospiti imposto l’obbligo di presentazione alla polizia durante le partite

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