Clash within the League

Clash within the League, with the group leader in the Council Igor Gelarda and the citizen coordinator Alessandro Anello now at loggerheads. The tensions between the two have been going on for some time and yesterday there was a new “episode” of what is in fact a race to see who manages to gain greater visibility. Yes, because there is very little political in the dispute between the duelists. The issue concerns above all the communicative aspects linked to the party’s activity, inside and outside Palazzo delle Aquile.

The latest internal controversy took place over the gazebos of the League for the referendum on justice matters. Yesterday Ring, in a note, announced the restart of the gazebos after the August break; Today Gelarda responded with a statement to claim the organizational work he is carrying out together with Elisabetta Luparello, provincial head of the youth of the League, on the collection of signatures for the referendum promoted by the Carroccio together with the Radicals. It is not the first time that the disagreements within the Palermo side of the Lega have turned into a “battle” with press releases. It also happened after the extraordinary session in the Council on the emergency cemeteries, which was attended by the mayor Orlando. On that occasion, the League even sent two photocopy press releases: one signed by Gelarda and Caronia; the other from Anello, Cancilla and Figuccia. These blocks that are opposed in the Carroccio. Gelarda, on some occasions, has in fact found support in Marianna Caronia, who has recently returned to the League after the parenthesis in Forza Italia. Ring instead has so far counted on the support of Cancilla and Figuccia. After the moderate turning point of the League, inaugurated with the appointment as regional coordinator of Nino Minardo, Anello has climbed the hierarchy in the party to the detriment of Gelarda, who for a long time was the frontman of the Carroccio in Palermo, inside and outside Palazzo delle Aquile. With the new territorial appointments made by Minardo, which have changed the organization of the League, this is no longer the case. And Gelarda would have the simple role of group leader in the Council. On the other hand, as head of the city and metropolitan area, Anello would have repeatedly claimed the scepter of political initiatives and “denounced” field invasions. A short circuit that causes sparks more and more frequently. Yesterday the whatsapp chat of the Palermo League was particularly “hot”. The situation, however, is causing quite a few irritations in the base, which fears a weakening of the Northern League due to disputes aimed at affirming an alleged supremacy of one faction over the other. And there are also those who frame the frond headed by Gelarda, supported on certain occasions by Marianna Caronia, as an attempt to hit not only Anello but also the regional coordinator of the League: both recipients of attacks with their heads down. It is therefore not excluded that Minardo – to keep the party’s reins firm – may soon return to Palermo to face this umpteenth clash, which is not known whether he is already aware of the national leader Matteo Salvini. And it is not even excluded that, at the Palermo level, there may be some other shock. The well-informed report that the role of group leader in the Council, today held by Gelarda, could falter. In recent weeks, Anello, Cancilla and Figuccia would have discussed it but in the end it would have been decided not to force the hand. At least for now.

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