clash between car and bike, 82-year-old cyclist in “red” code in the hospital

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 09:30

An 82-year-old cyclist from Licata was taken to the hospital at “San Giacomo d’Altopasso”. The woman, a forty year old also from Licata, who was driving the Fiat 600, was instead transferred to the “yellow” code. This is the balance sheet of the accident that occurred on a stretch of the state road 115 “Sud Occidentale Sicula”, at kilometer 223, in the territory of Licata. The impact occurred precisely between a Fiat 600, driven by the woman, and the 82-year-old cyclist. The alarm went off, along the state road 115, 118 ambulances rushed, which transferred the two injured to the emergency room of the “San Giacomo d’Altopasso” hospital, and the policemen of the Agrigento road. The agents, after having facilitated the rescue, took care of the technical surveys to reconstruct the dynamics of the road accident. Dynamics that still do not appear very clear. The state road – as reported by the Anas – is temporarily closed to traffic in both directions and traffic is diverted. Anas staff is present on site to ensure road safety and to allow circulation to be restored in the shortest possible time.

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