Civil rights, Firetto proposes heading off to Rosa Louise Parks


"I proposed to name a street for Rosa Louise Parks, an American activist, symbol of the civil rights movement, known for having refused in 1955 to give up her seat on a white bus". Thus the Mayor of Agrigento Calogero Firetto.

“With that gesture he wanted to express his desire for human dignity and freedom, tired of harassment and violence. Dignity and freedom. Respect for human rights. Need it? Evidently yes. The latest national news events and the decision to assign the life support to the senator for life Liliana Segre, former survivor of the Holocaust, to protect her from racial hatred prove it. I find it embarrassing that after more than 60 years it is still necessary and urgent to have to talk about it. That it is still indispensable to strive to affirm the fundamental rights of men, women and children. It would be enough to cultivate good feelings, get used to kindness, instead of cultivating hatred, anger, …

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