“City reduced to a sewer, use citizenship income earners”

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 12:34

Share “Of the 43 municipalities of the Province of Agrigento, only 11 are employing citizenship income earners in projects useful to the community”. This was reported in a note by the provincial vice president of Codacons, Giuseppe Di Rosa. Among the centers in which the PUC have not yet left there is Agrigento, despite the fact that, the former supporter of the Micciché administration points out, the junta decided to join these projects on January 14th. It was the mayor himself who explained, on July 27, that the projects “have not yet been activated due to the negative opinion of the auditors following the ruling of the Constitutional Court in this area. We are waiting for the decree in a few days”. “Since 2 months have passed instead of ‘a few days’ – reiterates Di Rosa – while Agrigento continues to look more and more like a city-sewer, can we citizens know what happens in our municipality?”.

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