Città Giardino sided politically with the mayor of Melilli Peppe Carta

Garden City – said the mayor Giuseppe Carta – chooses the path of unity and compactness and for this reason I want to thank Salvo Midolo, Mirko Aloiso, Peppe Corradino, Luca Scibilia, Michelangelo Lo Pizzo, Bruno Sculli, Paola Marino and all the others who have shown that they care about the future of our community ”.
“In recent years – added the mayor – my administration has allocated, without skimping, the necessary funds for some fundamental services such as the redevelopment of strategic areas and for the reconstruction of some important roads such as via Garrone, whose works will start between exactly one month, via Pascoli, via Livorno, in addition to the construction of a new five-a-side football field for young people, the works for the construction of the methane network and a new well will start shortly. Finally, for the first time, Città Giardino enjoys a Civil Protection detachment and a seat for associations and volunteers ”. “It is a question – the Charter reiterated – of commitments taken and completed”.
“I am convinced that a bottom-up politics – concluded Carta – that listens to the moods and requests of citizens is the best form of city government and for this reason, I am very satisfied when the territorial realities decide to collaborate with each other, identify common objectives and pursue them in a collegial way “. “The relaunch of political and administrative activity also depends on this”.

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