Città di Viagrande and Acicatena pass the round in the Coppa Italia Eccellenza

The return matches of the first round of the Italian Cup of Excellence promoted: Città di Viagrande, Acicatena, Città di Taormina, Carlentini, Igea, Real Siracusa Belvedere, Siracusa and Ragusa.

Bis of the City of Viagrande in the derby against Aci Sant’Antonio propitiated by goals from Castelli, Boccaccio and Cerasuolo, which thwarted Maccarrone’s gasp. Blitz of the Real Siracusa Belvedere against Palazzolo signed by Quarta. All easy for Acicatena against Atletico Catania, again left with only 6 men in the 45th minute. In the first “academic” time, Acicatena scored for the 6-0: Tomarchio (brace), Aleo, Caratuozzolo, Bonaventura and Platania. Carlentini’s comeback success on the FC Leonzio field: after the illusory advantage of the hosts signed by Milizia, Carbonaro and Scapellato’s goals reversed the result. Convincing proof of the ambitious city of Syracuse, which won the “De Simone”, on the Santa Croce for 3-1 (Aretusian scorers Montagno 2 and Melluzzo, guests on target, in the final, with Incatasciato). The brace of the unleashed Pavisch allowed Igea to overcome the Nebros obstacle, while Petrullo’s invention was enough for the City of Taormina to win, on the synthetic “Bacigalupo”, the balanced match with the combative Ionica. Finally, he passed the round without playing Ragusa due to the withdrawal of Virtus Ispica. Results Aci Sant’Antonio-City of Viagrande 1-3 (and. 0-2) Atletico Catania-Acicatena 0-6 (suspended after 45 ‘due to numerical inferiority of the local team – and. 0-6) City of Taormina-Jonica 1-0 (and. 1-1) Fc Leonzio-Carlentini 1-2 (and. 2-3) Nebros-Igea 0-2 (and. 1-1) Palazzolo-Real Siracusa Belvedere 0-1 (and. 0-0) Syracuse-Santa Croce 3-1 (and. 1-0) Virtus Ispica-Ragusa – due to resignation of the local team

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