Cisl FP asks Commissioner Alongi – Giornale Nisseno for interventions

Horizontal economic progressions 2020, workers of the Libero consortium of Caltanissetta still waiting: Cisl FP asks Commissioner Alongi to intervene

The local autonomy manager Gianfranco Di Maria: “It is not tolerable that we risk undermining what we have done so far”

Horizontal economic progressions 2020 at the Libero Consorzio di Caltanissetta, workers can no longer wait: Cisl FP asks Commissioner Alongi to intervene.

Although, in fact, already on 14 June, after numerous meetings, some important steps were taken, especially on the authentic interpretation of article 21 of the 2019/2020 contract, at the moment some important steps have not yet been completed.

In fact, it is still necessary today for the managers to implement the provisions to complete the process of economic progressions, and for the executive decision 121 of last 8 March to be revoked. Beyond this, we await the publication of the final rankings and the payment of the Peo to the workers, as well as the convening of the negotiating delegation.

“All this can be achieved in a few days – explains Gianfranco Di Maria, head of local autonomy of the Cisl FP of Caltanissetta-. For this reason we are not willing to postpone the definition of the Peo 2020 and 2021 indefinitely. To date, the trade unions have acted as social ‘shock absorbers’ towards their colleagues by convincing them to dampen the tones, tensions and growing mistrust of the conclusion. positive of the question. We cannot therefore agree now – concludes Di Maria – that days and days and, credibly, even months still pass without the resolution of the affair. It is not tolerable that we start all over again because, probably, this hypothesis would nullify the excellent work done “.

For this reason, the union asks for an immediate convocation by Commissioner Alongi.

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