Circus lab, in Sanlorenzo Mercato the circus laboratory designed for children


Event location: Sanlorenzo Market Via San Lorenzo, 288

Event date: From 10/13/2019 to 10/13/2019

Event cost: Free

New appointment on October 13 starting at 5 pm with Circus lab, the circus workshops for the little ones, with a playful-pedagogical character by the Circ'Opificio.

There are two moments of the event: from 5.00 pm the recreational-pedagogical circus workshop for children between the ages of 5 and 10 (on-site booking according to the order of arrival, for progressive shifts of about 30 minutes each). Starting at 19.30 there will be space for the theatrical show that sees the young spectators become protagonists of the story, in a fun and stimulating way. This time the "The Sincere Mirror" is on stage, a performance by and with Stefania Ventura and Gisella Vitrano, Quintoequilibrio.

A female fairy tale that proposes a heroine, Agata, graceful and gentle, but equally resolute. Agata's mother is beautiful and spends her days looking at herself in the mirror, forgetting everything else, even her little daughter. When by spell of an envious witch all the mirrors of the kingdom begin to lie, Agata suffers to see her mother despair. Addressed mainly to a young audience, the show will be able to stimulate and capture the attention of even the greatest, seeking the simplicity and the typical smile of childhood with a good dose of gag and comedy.

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