Cinema: peace told by films at the Vittoria Festival

(ANSA) – VITTORIA, DECEMBER 11 – Cinema seeks and narrates peace. The theme is addressed by the works in competition at the Vittoria Peace Film Fest scheduled from 12 to 15 December in the Ragusa area.

Ten feature films, six documentaries and twelve short films were admitted to the review, chaired by the director Pasquale Scimeca and now in its tenth edition. The selection and screening of cinematographic works, some of which are out of competition, will be accompanied by previews, theatrical performances, artistic itineraries, comics, seminars, exhibitions, book presentations, meetings with guests, directors, authors, journalists.

The festival has established a new special prize for the best screenplay for a tribute that the artistic directors Giuseppe and Luca Gambina wanted to give to Tullia Giardina, essayist and screenwriter who recently passed away. The other two special prizes have been confirmed: the one in memory of the journalist Gianni Molè (“Reporters for peace”) and the one dedicated to Sebastiano Gesù (“Cinema for peace”). Also scheduled are the awards of the official selection for best feature film, best documentary, best short film.

The Vittoria Peace Film Fest enhances images, granting more space to international feature films, documentaries and short films in this edition. The review celebrates quality and art house cinema for the big screen. The themes aim to promote the culture of peace, beyond the logic of wars, of non-violence, but also of other values ​​such as solidarity, respect for diversity, human rights, especially of minors, migrants, Roma and inhabitants of the peripheries of the world. These are itineraries that use languages ​​and texts, mainly audiovisual, in line with the objectives indicated by the UN Agenda 2030. .