Cifa-Forma-Cenfop, for young jobs not to finance organizations but activities

According to recent Istat data in Sicily, the employment rate, which quantifies the incidence of those who work on the total resident population, is 41.5%. The inactive are 1,556,000 (of which 65% women); 466 thousand are the neets. With the start of the second phase of the Youth Guarantee, a prospect could open up for this vast audience, with training and internships to improve employability. But the rankings recently published by the Region of Sicily do not seem to take into account the needs of those seeking employment. This is the point of view of Cifa, the employers’ confederation, of CiForma, the Cifa federation which represents training institutions throughout Italy, Forma Sicilia and Cenfop Sicilia. These associations have forwarded to the competent councilor, Antonio Scarone, a note and a request for a meeting. Scarone is councilor for the family, social policies and work of the Sicily Region, today chaired by Nello Musumeci.

Andrea Cafà, president of Cifa, declared: “The distribution of the available resources to a few entities does not respond to merit-based logic and does not guarantee actions of uniform active policies on the regional territory. In such a delicate moment it is necessary to favor the widespread and synergistic action of all the agencies for work in order to guarantee equal opportunities to companies and workers who have to choose the agency to turn to in a regime of free competition among the operators of the labor market. This is why we ask for the immediate withdrawal of the rankings and the activation, as well immediate, a notice at the counter. We need to reverse the trend and place people and companies at the center of spending policies “.

For Gabriele Leanza, president of Forma Sicilia, “selection criteria at least questionable and no evaluation of the organizational capacity and real availability of companies and unemployed in the area: with these assumptions, the expenditure of the Youth Guarantee cannot produce results”.

Second Lucia Alfieri, president of CiForma, “The counter methodology has already been virtuously tested: the agency that has unemployed people and a company ready to start an internship must have the possibility of quickly completing the insertion; and all compete until resources are exhausted. This guarantees just-in-time action and avoids waste and delays “.

Concludes Massimo Papa, of Cenfop Sicily: “Upon first examination of the ranking, resources higher than those provided for institutions with initial accreditation are attributed; moreover, many of the financed applications contain numbers of internships and / or courses that can be activated that are nothing short of imaginative and no guarantee of coverage of production poles and territories with the highest density of companies. Thus we continue to finance institutions and not activities “.

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