Church robbery, thieves steal money from the offering box and a gold and copper door

Editorial team 04 September 2021 09:27

They took away the door of the tabernacle in gold in copper and all the money contained in the offering box. This is the booty of the theft carried out in the Madrice church of Alessandria della Rocca. The parish priest of the parish priest of the church located in the Santuario district denounced the fact to the carabinieri. Taking advantage of the absence of the faithful they would have easily taken possession of the tabernacle door and the money from the offerings. The damage is still being quantified. The carabinieri of the Alessandria della Rocca Station, coordinated by colleagues from the Compagnia di Cammarata, immediately began investigations to identify those responsible by carrying out a thorough inspection inside the church, looking for any traces and listening to some witnesses who could have noticed presences and suspicious movements in the vicinity of the desecrated place.

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