Church of Santa Maria La Nova accessible to all, the installation of a platform for the disabled is underway

Work began this morning for the construction of an access ramp for the disabled to the church of S. Maria La Nova in Piazza San Giacomo La Marina alla Vucciria. The intervention, carried out by the workers of Coime, is part of the I-Access project. “The commitment made by the Municipality – says the deputy mayor, Fabio Giambrone – is in tune with that idea of ​​sharing between the different institutional realities carried out by this Administration on multiple occasions and, especially, with the Superintendence and the University of Palermo ”.

The project

The intervention is carried out as part of the I-Access project, led by the University Architecture department in partnership with the Cnr of Palermo, the Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity-Superintendence of Palermo, the Municipality, the University of Malta, the Municipality of Valletta and the IT company Innovogy de La Valletta. The project was among the winners of the Interreg VA Italy-Malta program, axis I, notice 1/16. The project develops two sample cases of the Vucciria, in Palermo, and of the Biccerija in La Valletta.

I-Access involves the construction of access platforms to the churches of S. Maria la Nova and S.Maria in Valverde. Thanks to a new monumental signage, the aim is then to enhance the monuments, in accordance with the Guidelines for overcoming architectural barriers issued by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.