Chroma: Dance, Music, and Visual Arts Innovate Trapani’s July Music Festival

Choreographer and dancer Silvia Giuffrè presents her new creation, “Chroma,” with the Omonia – Contemporary Arts Company. It is an original work that combines dance, music, and visual arts. The show will have its premiere during the 75th opera season of the Luglio Musicale Trapanese on August 30th at the prestigious Teatro Di Stefano in Villa Margherita, Trapani. Giuffrè drew inspiration from abstract paintings by renowned artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rhotko, Jackson Pollock, and Carla Accardi to create a series of choreographies that reflect the forms, colors, and emotions evoked by the paintings. The contemporary music of composers like Claude Debussy, John Cage, Philip Glass, Giovanni Sollima, and Arvo Pärt accompanies and interacts with the choreography, creating a synergy between sound and image. The dancers’ bodies, interpreted by Arabella Scalisi, Federica Marullo, Gaia Macaluso, Giuseppe Marino, and Francesco Bax, become expressive instruments that dance through the emotions evoked by the music and the projected images on stage. Scene, costumes, and video mapping are designed by Danilo Coppola. The interactive projections transform the set itself, creating a visual experience for the audience. Silvia Giuffrè, the director, once again challenges the boundaries of performative arts and creates a show that offers a refined and innovative perspective on the connection between sound, movement, and artistic vision. “Chroma” is an opera that invites the audience to immerse themselves in a world of suggestions, emotions, and beauty.

Chroma: danza, musica e arti visive innovano il Luglio Musicale Trapanese

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