Christmas without more jobs at the Corleone bridge, the gift for the people of Palermo is ready

As a Christmas gift, the people of Palermo should find under the tree a Corleone bridge finally free from construction work, with the possibility of crossing it without delays, queues, or traffic jams, going over that hundred meters or so in the blink of an eye rather than in 20-30 minutes, even 45 if there is heavy traffic. Exiting the city will become easy. This is amazing after all these years of suffering. The ANAS and the extraordinary commissioner of the work, Maurizio Castiglioni, have set a schedule that expects the bridge to be fully open in 2024, but there is the possibility of opening it earlier. The ongoing construction has temporarily divided the road, with light vehicles on one side and heavy vehicles on the other until November 30. The ANAS had previously estimated the work to be completed by the end of the year or early next year, but they are now trying to finish by mid-December. After that, the nightmare may start again when heading in the direction of Trapani. The situation seems different from a few years ago when there were concerns about the bridge’s total closure.

Natale senza più lavori al ponte Corleone, pronto il regalo per i palermitani

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